JTBC’s “Nevertheless” Ratings Drop To Its Lowest Ever, What Could Be The Reason?

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JTBC’s “Nevertheless” ratings have reached a new personal low.

JTBC’s “Nevertheless” has been struggling with its domestic ratings despite finding a sizable audience overseas. Its ratings had stayed in the 1% range thus far, but its most recent episode has seen a new low.

According to Nielsen Korea, JTBC’s “Nevertheless” episode 8 scored an average nationwide rating of 1% [0.994%], which is a drop from its 7th episode last week which scored 1.4%, this is also the lowest rating for the drama thus far.

“Nevertheless” started out with 2% in ratings but has been mostly on the decline since its first episode. The drama only has two more episodes to go.

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Previously, JTBC had stated that starting episode 8, they would be editing out Kim Min Gwi due to his cheating controversy, some fans wonder whether this could be the reason why the ratings dropped even further. There have also been talks on online communities about how frustrating the plot has become leading some to believe that even more audience is abandoning the drama.

There are also people who are skeptical about the 1-episode format weekly because they consider it not enough content to last the entire week and some end up forgetting the events of the previous episode while waiting for the new one. It is important to point out that there are also many fans who love the drama and are deely invested in it.

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  1. I’m watching and every week I’m waiting for new episodes,idk about others but please make hae on sincere and let him be with nabi please :))

  2. I don’t know how and why ratings are getting this low, it’s a really good drama according to me. I know fans believe in ratings and choose to watch a drama but I didn’t do that. The cast and the story plot was so catchy that I started to watch it and here I am waiting for the 9th ep so badly. I really recommend watching the drama. It wont be a chessy drama as you’ll want but it shows reality of a relationship

  3. So he allegedly cheated? He didn’t kill someone! Why should the show and storyline suffer because someone made a mistake in their personal life?
    Yes he is a piece of shit if he actually cheated but I was really looking to see what happened with his storyline.
    Besides if Song Kang isn’t enough to make you keep watching then there is something wrong with you lol.
    This show is amazing!!!

  4. I’m in the U.S., honestly I love the show, but 1 episode a week is brutal and the drop off a charcter and great storyline is annoying to me.

  5. I LOVE this show. 1 episode per week it great. That’s how shows in the US are. I do feel that editing out someone for his personal life issues is total BS! But whatever. I HIGHLY RECOMMENT THE SHOW. Sugar and spice is what makes the show very nice.

  6. First, viewers overseas don’t care about someone from the cast cheated. At least I know here in my country don’t care at all. Second, maybe the ultimate reason is we have to wait sooo long for another episode, and it’s only 1 episode! So frustrating. People tend to forget you know. Last reason would be yessss.. we love potato Na bi character is sometimes awfully annoying. Haha

  7. It’s not the cast makes the rating fall, it’s ultimate reason is waiting a week for one episode to come out… wake up who ever doing it soon we will stop watching because we already forgot what we left of…so disappointing…

  8. Watching and enjoying the show! Love Song Kang since I saw him in Love Alarm! Story line is different but refreshing. My only complaint is the one episode per week – it’s frustratingly annoying to only watch one a week!

  9. Not surprised. Producers tried to mask horrid writing and zero plot with pretty faces and nice places but it didn’t work on me. Around ep 7 it became unbearable to watch till the end.

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