Jo Sung Ha, Son Naeun, Han Joon Woo, And Jun Hye Jin To Star In JTBC New Drama Alongside Lee Bo Young

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Jo Sung Ha, Son Naeun, Han Joon Woo, and Jun Hye Jin all will be starring in JTBC’s upcoming drama “Agency” alongside Lee Bo Young!

“Agency” is a drama that tells the story of a woman who became the first female executive of a large advertising company and the first to build her career by taking on the best and highest position in that company. The drama will realistically depict the story of those who are working in an advertising agency and are struggling to always stay at the top.

Lee Bo Young will play Go Ah In, a woman who started from the bottom and now became the first female executive in one of the best advertising agencies. Although she comes from a poor family and has a weak academic background, she still has a strong desire for success, and the lonelier and more painful her situation gets the more she pushes herself to fight for success. As a result, she is now known as someone who doesn’t care about anything but money and power.

Jo Sung Ha will play Choi Sang Woo, the director of planning in VC Planning, an advertising agency. He is a graduate of Hankuk University who joined the company through open recruitment and has never experienced failure in his life, now his aim is to become the next CEO of this company. He is a smart, cool person who has a long line of supporters because of how he helped to mentor his juniors from the university to become CDs. However, he is not capable of controlling one person and that is Go Ah In, making viewers look forward to their chemistry and how the characters will face each other.

Son Naeun will play Kang Han Na, the third-generation chaebol of VC’s group. She is a social media influencer who believes success means that she has to get independence, she may look immature and childish sometimes because of her expensive lifestyle but in reality, she is just waiting for an opportunity to come one day. She finally gets the opportunity and is assigned as the director of social media at VC planning, that’s when her intuition tells her to use Go Ah In in order to be part of the succession group.

Han Joon Woo takes on the role of Park Young Woo, who takes care of Kang Han Na and always stays by her side. He is a secretary at the VC Group who was Han Na’s private tutor and bodyguard when she was studying aboard for her MBA (Masters of Business Administrations). Young Woo has always been Han Na’s loyal right-hand man who comes up with solutions for whenever she goes through a crisis and even resorts to physical methods if needed.

And lastly, Jun Hye Jin will play Jo Eun Jung, she is a writer for Planning Team 2 at VC Planning. She is a working mom who always had it difficult trying to juggle between family and work, but when she got a call from CD Go Ah In, she didn’t hesitate to choose her despite everyone’s concerns just so she can make herself more known. However, this decision comes at a high price as her workload increases and her family’s complaints do too. Eun Jung, who has always been living her life choosing between her work and family, is now curious about her role model Ah In’s life, who lives only to succeed.

“Agency” is set to premiere in the first half of 2023.

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