Jo Joon Young And Jang Yeo Bin Join EXO Sehun In Upcoming TVING Drama

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Jo Joon Young and Jang Yeo Bin will be joining Group EXO member and actor Sehun in the original TVING “Everything We Loved”.

On July 27, TVING released a casting lineup consisting of Sehun, Jo Joon Young, and Jang Yeo Bin, announcing the production news of “Everything We Loved.”

“Everything We Loved” is a story about the strong friendships and love between 18-year-old youths who cannot give up on love and friendship. The drama also adds an interesting idea by introducing cellular memory, which is a hypothesis that memories can be stored in individual cells outside the brain.

Sehun will play Go Yoo, he is a handsome sophomore, who grows taller every day and has a passion for basketball. He doesn’t study but seems to get average grades, he also doesn’t have time to date and is only focusing on protecting his friend Joon Hee, but after donating his kidney for Joon Hee, he becomes rivals in love with Joon Hee for the number one student in school and his first love So Yeon due to the cellular memory syndrome.

Jo Joon Young will play Ko Joo Hee, the top student in the school in a strange atmosphere, who has more things to see than love. After receiving a kidney transplant from Go Yoo due to her weak body, Ko Joon Hee, who suffers from cellular memory syndrome that resembles Go Yoo, is drawing attention to an 18-year-old high school student’s synchronization perfect for her best friends’ bromance chemistry.

The role of Han So Yeon, a girl who fell in love with two boys at the same time, is played by rising rookie star Jang Yeo Bin. As a transfer student with a pretty appearance that anyone turns back for, she will lead the mysterious atmosphere of the play by expressing a character who is elite enough to compete with Ko Joon Hee for first place in the school but does not get close to people.

“Everything We Loved” is scheduled to be released on TV in 2023.

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