Famous Korean Celebrity Couple Jin Tae Hyun And Park Si Eun Announce Miscarriage 20 Days Before Due Date

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Fans are heartbroken to learn of Jin Tae Hyun And Park Si Eun most recent news.

On August 19, Jin Tae Hyun took to his Instagram to personally share the news. The couple first announced their pregnancy in February of this year. They have been very open about their difficult journey experiencing multiple miscarriages.

Jin Tae Hyun revealed that on August 16, in the final month of pregnancy, during a regular checkup, their baby Tae Eun’s heart stopped beating for no reason. The baby’s due date was just three weeks away. He bowed his head and thanked all the people who were there for them and supported them.

He also says he’ll look after his wife’s heart and help her so her body recovers soon. He added, “I will love my wife more than I do now and will be by her side in everything she does. Its a relief that we loved our Tae Eun so so much without any regrets for the past nine months. Although, I am very sad, thinking that God will play with her instead of me makes me smile a bit.”

Park Si Eun and Jin Tae Hyun became a couple after appearing on the 2010 drama “Pure Pumpkin Flower” and dated for five years before getting married in 2015. They’re known for being very charitable and have also adopted a university student as their daughter.

Our condolences to the family.

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  1. Such sad, sad news to hear a little soul surviving so long but not make the final appearance. How heartbreaking for the couple. I really hope they find the ability to move on and be happy eventually. Wishing them much love and admiration going through something so private as public figures must be so difficult. Such a tragedy.

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