Ji Chang Wook, Hwang In Yeop And Choi Sung Eun Confirm For Upcoming Drama “Annarasumanara”

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“Annarasumanara” cast lineup has finally been confirmed.

JTBC has revealed that Ji Chang Wook, Hwang In Yeop and Choi Sung Eun will lead the upcoming drama based on the webtoon “Annarasumanara.”

The drama tells the story of a girl named Yun Ai who becomes an adult too quickly and the mysterious magician Lee Eul who wishes to be a child forever.

PD (producing director) Kim Sung Yoon whose previous works include KBS 2TV’s “Love in the Moonlight” and JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” will be working on this drama. The script will be written by Kim Min Jung, who has previously worked with PD Kim Sung Yoon on “Love in the Moonlight” and “Who Are You.”

The drama is said to involve musical elements. The series will be produced by JTBC Studio and Zium Content.

Ji Chang Wook is taking on the role of Lee Eul, a strange magician who lives in an abandoned theme park. Choi Sung Eun is taking on the role of Yun Ai who lives a terrile life until she meets the magician and goes through a magical experience. Her classmate Na Il Deung will be played by Hwang In Yeop, the student used to focus on his studies but begins to bond with Lee Eul and Yun Ai as he learns the fun of magic.

Are you excited for “Annarasumanara”?

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

Wow, such a stellar cast.

I recently finished watching “Beyond Evil,” Choi Sung Eun is definitely a rising talent and a star in the making. The idea behind the webtoon seems great. I haven’t read it but from what I’ve learned thus far, I am loving it.

So it appears to me that Ji Chang Wook will play more of an older role as a mentor to the kids, this means the love line will probably not include him since we’re talking about high school kids.

On paper, this is probably the most interesting project Ji Chang Wook has picked in a while. I don’t want to build expectations but since this drama will likely air on Netflix, it means the budget will be huge and they will have more liberty with the source material. I can’t help but have high expectations.

Ji Chang Wook has a musical background, I love musicals. It’ll be great to see him sing. Hwang In Yeop has a good voice too, I’ve heard his OST. I am super excited to see him opposite those two actors.

Netflix is really killing it!

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