How 2PM’s Lee Junho Became One Of The Highest Paid Idol-Turned-Actors In The Industry

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2PM’s Lee Junho was one of the biggest success stories for 2022 with the release of his hit drama “The Red Sleeve,” and now, his fee per episode has been revealed.

Mnet’s “TMI Show” recent episode counted the rankings of the fittest celebrities and 2PM’s Lee Junho came on top. He’s known for being very fit, he does cross-fitness training and maintains a strict diet.

In the video, fans noticed that the fee for casting 2PM’s Lee Junho in a drama has skyrocketed. He now gets paid about 100 million won [roughly $77,000] per episode. If a drama is 16 episodes, then the idol-actor gets paid over 1 million dollars per project. This ranks him as one of the highest paid idol-turned-actors.

In the industry, its known that idol-actors usually get paid less than actors. Which is why some studios cast rising or popular idols instead of established actors since they have considerable fandoms and a less demanding fee. Lee Junho is now on par with other famous hallyu actors in terms of appearance fees per project.

Many attribute the rise in his fee due to the massive success of “The Red Sleeve” which aired in late 2021.

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