Rising Actress Han So Hee Talks About Her Respect To Kim Hee Ae And How She Differs From Her Character In “The World Of The Married”

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Rising Actress Han So Hee has been the talk of the town after “The World Of The Married” aired its first episode, she’s been getting love calls from various companies and has been active in a lot of photoshoots.

In a recent interview and pictorial for Grazia magazine, Han So Hee opened up about her personality in real life and how she feels about her character in the hit drama “The World of the Married.”

About her character Da Kyung, Han So Hee said,

“Da Kyung is reserved and is aloof, but I’m more of an easygoing and laid-back individual than she is.

I enjoy talking to people and I’m the type to quickly make friends with people I don’t know.

Da Kyung is also the emotional type and when I compare myself to her, I am more rational when making decisions. I am not the type to act rashly.”

Han So Hee also revealed that she considers her co-star Kim Hee Ae a role model, and said after watching her on the set of their hit drama; she wanted to be like her,

“For the most part, the roles of Kim Hee Ae have centered around her in terms of plot and story. I, too, want to play these kinds of strong characters.”

Check out the amazing photos from her recent photo shoot below:

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