Netizens Shocked To Learn That Gong Hyo Jin And Jung Ryeo Won Didn’t Attend Their Best Friend Son Dam Bi’s Wedding

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The internet is buzzing about  Son Dam Bi’s Wedding and for many reasons, one of the biggest reasons was the attendees’ list.

On May 13, Son Dam Bi held her wedding to former national long track speed skater Lee Kyou Hyuk.

The couple confirmed they were dating back in December of 2021 and on January 25, Son Dam Bi took to her personal Instagram to announce the happy news. Later, the couple released their wedding pictorial and confirmed their wedding will be held on May 13.

Among the expected attendees were Gong Hyo Jin and Jung Ryeo Won, who are both known for being best friends with Son Dam Bi. However, netizens were shocked to learn that neither attended the wedding raising questions about why were Gong Hyo Jin And Jung Ryeo Won absent from Son Dam Bi’s wedding.

Did Gong Hyo Jin attend Son Dam Bi’s wedding?

Initially, some Korean news outlets reported that Gong Hyo Jin attended the wedding ceremony. However, when group photos were revealed after the wedding, she was nowhere to be found. Turns out, she didn’t attend the wedding.

What makes the situation even stranger is the fact that South Korea has lifted many of its social distance restrictions which meant more people could attend weddings.

Son Dam Bi’s agency confirmed Gong Hyo Jin didn’t attend the ceremony in a statement to one media outlet, they said, ‘upon checking with the security team, it was confirmed that Gong Hyo Jin didn’t attend the wedding.’

However, the agency didn’t comment on the reason behind why Gong Hyo Jin was absent from Son Dam Bi’s wedding.

Instead, model Kang Seung Hyun caught the bouquet at Son Dam Bi’s wedding.

Why didn’t Jung Ryeo Won attend Son Dam Bi’s wedding?

There are ongoing speculations about what happened but neither party has commented on the speculations.

Some Korean media outlets brought up a recent controversy both actresses were involved in arguing that it can be the reason why Jung Ryeo Won didn’t attend Son Dam Bi’s wedding. Its important to note that these are merely speculations.

Previously, both actresses were falsely linked to a story about fraud by a man, it was alleged that both received gifts from a Mr. Kim who was charged with fraud. It was speculated that Son Dam Bi was dating Mr. Kim but she had found out he’s also gifted Jung Ryeo Won with expensive gifts causing a riff between them. However, their agency strongly denied those rumors.

The agency said that Son Dam Bi felt pressured as Mr. Kim wanted to give her expensive gifts, she ended up returning all the previous gifts and cash she received. In regards to Jung Ryeo Won, the agency explained that the car which was allegedly gifted by Mr. Kim was in fact bought by her with her own money, they showed receipts to prove that. Agency later filed lawsuits for defamation and spreading of false rumors related to this.

Netizens find this sad above all else because Gong Hyo Jin, Jung Ryeo, and Son Dam Bi are known for being close. They have even appeared on variety shows showcasing their strong friendship and would regularly post photos of their get-togethers.

Congratulations to Son Dam Bi and Lee Kyou Hyuk.

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