“Dr. Romantic” Season 3 Unveils The Official Teaser Poster Featuring Han Suk Kyu Ready To Heal Broken Hearts

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Dr Romantic” season 3 is gearing up for its premiere soon!

SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama  “Dr Romantic” season 3 (written by Kang Eun-kyung, directed by Lim Hye-min, Yoo In-sik, produced by Kang Bo-seung, Samhwa Networks, and Studio S) unveiled he official teaser poster announcing the comeback of Doldam Hospital’s eternal mentor Kim Sa Bu played by Han Suk Kyu, ahead of its first broadcast in April.

SBS’s “Dr Romantic” is a drama that depicts the story of a “Real Doctor” in the background of a shabby and old hospital in a small province. The first season aired in 2016 was a mega-hit with the highest rating of 27.6% and the SBS drama has received a lot of love for two consecutive seasons, and the second season aired in 2020 with the best rating of 27.1%.

At the center was Kim Sa Bu, an unprecedented character created by Han Suk Kyu. The appearance of Dr. Kim, who silently performs his duty with a sense of calling to save the patient unconditionally, and the people of Doldam Hospital who met him, changed and grew, left viewers with comfort and healing.

The teaser poster released shows Dr. Kim protecting Doldam Hospital even after three years, raising expectations for season 3. Kim Sa Bu, a ‘true doctor’ and ‘romantic doctor’ who made everyone recall the precious values that were forgotten, sometimes with strict teaching, sometimes with warmth. The phrase, “May it be a comfort to those who are lost once again…” makes fans look forward to Dr. Kim’s romantic time, which is also needed in 2023. In season 3, people are curious about who will visit Doldam Hospital and what stories and episodes will be drawn.

“Dr Romantic” season 3, which returned three years after Season 2, announced the return of the immensely loved Doldam hospital family, with an Suk Ku, Ahn Hyo SeopLee Sung Kyung, Jin Kyung, Im Won Hee, Byun Woo Min, Kim Joo Heon, Kim Min Jae, Yoon Nam Woo, Shin Dong Wook, So Ju Yeon, Ko Sang Ho, Yoon Bo Ra, and more joining. The solid synergy between director Yoo In Sik and screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung, the best duo who are working together for the third time after seasons 1 and 2, is also an anticipation point. As it returns in three years, the growth of the evolved Doldam Hospital and its doctors will be depicted and viewers will meet more spectacular stories and events.

Meanwhile, “Dr Romantic” is scheduled to replace “Taxi Driver” season 2 and air for the first time in April.

Are you excited to see the cast together again after 3 years?

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