“Dr. Romantic 3” Director Discusses The Possibility Of Season 4, But His Answer Will Surprise You

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The reason why “Dr. Romantic 3” remained a top-quality medical drama was due to the passion and efforts of director Yoo In Sik and the cast, the director recently sat down for an interview to discuss the hit drama.

SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Dr. Romantic 3” aired its final episode on June 17th skyrocketing to its highest rating ever. Set in a humble rural hospital, the drama tells the story of a “real doctor.” In this third season, the drama expanded its world to Doldam Trauma Center, fulfilling Kim Sabu (played by Han Suk- Kyu) long-cherished dream, and deepening the resonance of romance for viewers at home. The “Dr. Romantic Kim Sa-bu” series, which has been loved by steadfast viewers for seven years from season 1 to season 3, has also been praised for opening up the possibilities of Korean-style seasonal dramas.

Director Yoo In Sik talked about the changes and expertise that came with each season, revealing the efforts made for realism as a medical drama. Director Yoo In Sik praised all the actors, he said, “All the actors were enthusiastic, asking questions and studying to the point that the medical consultants were impressed. In the final episode, they directed themselves without any stand-ins.”

The director was then asked about the possibility of “Dr. Romantic” season 4, he said, “After finishing the final shoot, I walked around the Doldam Hospital set, from which everyone had already left, and felt indescribable emotions. It was like leaving a home where I had lived for a period of time. I am truly a lucky director. I gave my best to the drama “Dr. Romantic,” but the drama gave me much more in return. I met such a wonderful script and had the opportunity to work with such great actors in their prime. I learned the happiness of creating something together. Above all, I am grateful to the viewers for empathizing with our story.”

He added, “As for season 4, it is not originally planned as a seasonal drama, so it is not easy to guarantee the possibility of the next season. We need to think about what story can be told after the trauma center, and whether all the actors can come together again like a miracle. I hope you keep an eye on it. Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to the viewers.”

Would you like to see “Dr. Romantic” return with 4th season?

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