Dispatch Reports That Seo Ye Ji Is The Mastermind Behind Kim Jung Hyun’s Behavior Towards Seohyun On The Set Of “Time” In 2018 + Her Agency Releases Initial Response

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A shocking report has come out from Dispatch and its topping headlines in South Korea.

For the past couple of days, Kim Jung Hyun’s past has been dug up and many reports came out about it. It started with his dating rumors revealed then snowballed into something entirely different that brought up his past actions a couple of years ago igniting questions about why he behaved that way.

As previously reported, on April 8, O& Entertainment [Kim Jung Hyun’s agency] has submitted a petition to the Korea Entertainment Management Association, its a request for contract mediation in regards to his exclusive contract.

His contract will expire this May, he’s currently in talks to join Culture Depot. However, O& Entertainment claims that their exclusive contract with Kim Jung Hyun has about 11 months left. This is due to the hiatus he took after leaving the 2018 MBC drama “Time.” This is where things get heated.

Last night, SBS exclusively reported that Seohyun cried a lot because of Kim Jung Hyun’s behavior on the set. He was reportedly very aloof and difficult to interact with. He refused to film any romantic/ skinship scenes with her, and one staff reported that after touching her hands, he wiped his hands repeatedly on set causing Seohyun to break down in tears.

After the initial SBS report, many other news outlets came out with conflicting reports, some putting the blame on Kim Jung Hyun solely while others did the opposite. What’s obvious from the reports was how much the staff and actors suffered due to his sudden unexpected departure from the drama and the fact that there was a clear reason behind it.

If you recall, reports about his attitude being due to his girlfriend at the time were first brought up a couple of days ago, but today, Dispatch has revealed the identity of his alleged girlfriend and shared shocking text messages between both of them.

NOTE: this is a developing story and this is a report by dispatch, the report hasn’t been confirmed nor denied by the actors’ agencies yet.

On April 12, Dispatch released an exclusive report that alleges Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun were dating in 2018, but that’s not where it ends. They had worked on a movie together that year, he’d later return with another drama [Time] that same year. Dispatch reported and we quote that Seo Ye Ji was the ‘mastermind’ behind his behavior on set.

Seo Ye Ji was reportedly very controlling and demanding. She demanded Kim Jung Hyun ask the screenwriter to change the script to exclude any skinship/romantic scenes despite that being agreed upon earlier as he’s signed on to do a melo romance drama.

Dispatch also shared text conversations between the two actors that shows the level of control Seo Ye Ji allegedly had on him.

Seo Ye Ji: Stiff Kim, refrain from all physical contact. 

Kim Jung Hyun: Yes, ma’am. 

Seo: Why don’t you report what you did today?

Kim: I didn’t even say hello to female staff. Totally acted uninterested to everyone else. 

Kim: Only you can touch my hand. 

Seo: Do everything without passion. No physical contacts.

Kim: Yes, ma’am. I’m Stiff Kim! 

Seo: Are you behaving yourself? 

Seo: How did you greet people? 

Kim: (sent a video) I didn’t even say hi.

According to Dispatch, Kim Jung Hyun was always on his phone in between filming sessions and would never let go of it, his behavior was truly shocking to the cast and staff of the drama who had no idea how to deal with it. He would send multiple videos and photos of himself to Seo Ye Ji during the day.

According to Dispatch, they also obtained multiple copies of original “Time” scripts of its episodes showing how the screenwriter had to change certain scenes to exclude any physical contact resulting in a very awkward melo romantic drama experience.

According to multiple staff sources, Kim Jung Hyun didn’t react nicely when the screenwriter refused to change the script to his liking, he’d storm off if the script wasn’t changed citing that his love life is very important for his mental being.

This all happened as the screenwriter was going through health issues and was hospitalized due to appendicitis and enteritis, he had to write the improvised script with a blood bag attached to him. Staff members report that it was a very difficult time for the screenwriter.

What about Seo Ye Ji’s response?

When contacted for a comment, Seo Ye Ji’s agency told news outlets ‘we’re currently checking the facts.’

In regards to Kim Jung Hyun’s response to the report, his agency O& Entertainment stated they couldn’t comment on this issue as they currently have a dispute with the actor in regards to his contract duration due to the situation with “Time” in 2018.

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