Kim Jung Hyun will be stepping down from his drama “Time,” his agency, as well as the production team, confirmed.

On August 26, his agency released a statement explaining why the actor is stepping down from his role, they said he will be leaving due to health problems, they explained,

“Until now, Kim Jung Hyun has filmed while receiving treatment at the same time as he had strong will to not cause trouble for the drama. The production team also tried to accommodate the actor’s determination as much as possible. However, he decided to leave the drama after much discussion with the production crew after he was advised by his doctor to rest, the doctor determined that he needed psychological and physical rest. We would like to thank the viewers who showed interest in the drama ‘Time.’ He is heartbroken that he unintentionally caused trouble for the viewers who loved the drama, the production team and his fellow actors. He will concentrate his efforts to focus on treatment and recovery and do his best to show a better side of himself in the future.”

In a conversation with My Daily, his agencies revealed that he was suffering from an eating and sleep disorder.

It has been revealed by MBC officials that the character won’t be edited out of the drama right away. They explained that the script will be revised, also adding that there will be no addition of a new actor.

To prevent spoilers, the production team refused to comment about what will happen with his character.

The production Team released an official statement,

“The rest of the shooting has been one at the best of our ability. We discussed the drama a lot with Kim Jung Hyun and after having lots of conversations this was the outcome. We wish to see him back in good health again soon.”

Kim Jung Hyun has been attracting attention for his good acting of the chaebol who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, his character had less than 6 months to live and the audience already knew that his character had to die before the end of the drama, but they’re still shocked that his character will have to be edited out so soon.

There has been also a couple of times that the drama didn’t air due to various reasons, once because of 18th Asian Games and another because of a football match between South Korea and Bahrain.

How do you feel about Kim Jung Hyun’s departure from “Time”? Will you miss his character?

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My Thoughts

I have been enjoying “Time” a lot, the drama is very interesting and intriguing as it has a very good plot.

Kim Jung Hyun put on an amazing performance and was one of the reasons I stuck around to watch the drama mainly because the lead actress Seohyun can’t act. It’s sad that he has to go.

I suspect his character will leave around episode 11 and 12 if we took into account that two episodes (1 hour long) didn’t air because of football, we were supposed to be at episode 10 by now.

This is why, if the decision was made not too long ago I think it would around episode 11 and 12.

The ending scene of his character’s death was coming sooner or later, but we weren’t mentally prepared for it. I wish they would end the drama sooner enough to show his death and its aftermath but not try to go on without his character like cut down from 16 to 14 episodes.

I say this because I have watched the drama and he’s one of the most important parts of it, with his character gone the show would probably struggle even more.

He must’ve been struggling so bad that he had to drop out. It’ll be interesting to see how the show carries on without him. He’s not the second lead but the first lead.