Dispatch Releases An Alleged Recording Of Hook Entertainment CEO Making Death Threats Towards Lee Seung Gi After He Demanded Proof Of His Accounting Receipts

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The alleged shocking recording of Kwon Jin Young, CEO of Hook Entertainment, with Lee Seung Gi’s manager has come to the surface and caused a stir.

On November 23, Dispatch reported an alleged voice recording taken from Lee Seung Gi’s manager. The file recorded has a conversation with CEO Kwon, the director of the agency, and the manager of Lee Seung Gi after Lee Seung Gi demanded the certificate of contents from his agency Hook Entertainment on November 17.

In this alleged conversation, CEO Kwon speaks harsh words against the actor, he said,

Now with the mindset of let’s just go for it you are asking for the certificate of contents to me. I’m going to put my name on the line and kill him. I’ll spend the rest of my life aiming only to kill Lee Seung Gi. I’ll really kill him.
That mother [email protected] I swear”

The recording then allegedly shows CEO Kwon shifting the blame to the accounting team staff for the issue of providing data on the settlement of music records and cursing in an angry voice. Manager of Lee Seung Gi, who joined the meeting, eventually went out crying and said,

I really don’t think I can do it. I’m leaving. I worked really hard. Is there any mistake I made? I’ve worked really hard for 9 years. I was ignored. What would I do if she said that Lee Seung Gi is over now so I better choose a good route [meaning pick sides wisely]? How can I continue to work? “

Dispatch also revealed Lee Seung Gi’s manager’s testimony along with the voice recording.

You can watch Dispatch’s video of the report below!

Earlier, Lee Seung Gi sent a proof of contents to his agency, saying that he had not properly received the proceeds of his music for over 18 years when he signed an exclusive contract with Hook Entertainment. Earlier, Hook Entertainment was in the middle of controversy after being raided by the National Police Agency.

In response, on November 21, Kwon Jin Young, CEO of Hook Entertainment, apologized publicly, saying

“I feel ashamed and apologetic to many people, regardless of whether it is true or not, because everything is my fault and the decision of vice. It is reasonable to confirm the facts about what is currently being reported in the media or circulating in the public, but as I said in the previous press release, we refrain from expressing our position as it will be legally dealt with in the future. If Hook Entertainment or any individual is identified responsible, we will take full responsibility.”

Hook Entertainment has not issued a response to the newly released report by Dispatch.

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