Dispatch Interviews Park Min Young’s Ex-Boyfriend, He Speaks About The Breakup And Claims He’s Close To Sung Yuri’s Husband Ahn Sung Hyun

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Suspicions surrounding Park Min Young‘s ex-boyfriend are rising again after his new revelations in the dispatch interview.

On October 12, the entertainment media Dispatch reported an interview with Kang, a wealthy man who recently broke up with Park Min Young. Kang explained the suspicions surrounding him through the media. First of all, Kang said that he lives in a luxury villa in Hannam-dong, not under his name, saying, “I’m living in a friend’s house for a while.”

Kang claims the SUV [where the former couple was photographed] was also under the name of golfer Ahn Sung Hyun, not Kang’s car. Ahn Sung Hyun is Sung Yuri’s husband. Kang said, “I rented the car from him because I’m very close to Sung Hyun.” However, it was revealed that Ahn Sung Hyun is older than Kang. Kang said, “When I was doing mobile phone business, I told everyone that I was born in the 80s, and now too (as a habit).”

He also mentioned breaking up with Park Min Young. Kang said,

I met Park Min Young at dawn. I don’t want her acting career to be ruined because of me. So, we decided to break up with each other. I hope Park Min Young will not be mentioned anymore.”

He also said he’s received more gifts from her than he’s given her and said she loved acting so much which is why they decided to call it quit, he didn’t want her career to be ruined because of him.

Last month, rumors of a romantic relationship with Park Min Young raised suspicions that Kang was the hidden owner of Bithumb, the nation’s second-largest virtual asset exchange. Since then, the controversy has grown even more as Park Min Young’s sister has also been listed as an outside director in a business suspected of being actually owned by Kang.

The Artist Company was also suspected of investing in Kang’s company, and even Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung were also mentioned, and suspicions escalated. In response, the Artist company drew the line, saying, “The headquarters and actors learned through the media that Kang is the real owner of Bident or Bucket Studio, but there has been no contact with the officials of Bident and Bucket Studio, and we have never met Kang.

Bithumb also denied the allegation that Kang was the real owner, and Park Min Young also said, drawing a line at the news of the breakup, “I broke up with my current romantic partner two days after the rumors. My sister also expressed her intention to resign as an outside director.”

Among them, when Ahn Sung Hyun was also mentioned, his wife Sung Yuri stepped up for her husband following the release of this interview. An official from Sung Yuri’s agency said to Sports Chosun on October 12, “We don’t know anything about the story that Ahn Sung Hyun rented a vehicle to Kang.”

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