“Shadow Detective” Season Two Already Confirmed+ Jung Jin Young To Join The Cast For 2nd Season

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Disney+’s original series “Shadow Detective” has confirmed the production of season 2, and of actor Jung Jin Young to newly join the cast.

On October 21, an official from the drama said, “‘Shadow Detective’ Season 2 is currently being filmed. In season 2, Jung Jin Young will join the cast.” The production of Season 2 has been confirmed early before the release of season 1.

Disney+’s original series “Shadow Detective” tells the story of a detective who became a murder suspect who killed a colleague and tries to catch the unidentified blackmailer “friend” whose phone calls chase his past. 

Director Han Dong Hwa, who showed outstanding directing skills covering various genres such as the “Bad Guys” series, “Squad 38” and “Navillera,” is in charge of directing. On top of that, actors Lee Sung Min and Jin Goo, as well as Kyung Soo Jin and Lee Hak Joo, with fine acting skills will showcase a highly immersive story.

Jung Jin Young will be a new character in season 2. He will play the role of Ki Do Hyung, who is the most famous detective in Korea and has a rough but simple impression and a straightforward tone. He is currently the chairman of the Crime Victims and Retired Police Support Foundation. As he showed solid acting skills and presence in each work he appears in, attention is being paid to what synergy he will show with Lee Sung Min in Season 2 of “Shadow Detective.”

“Shadow Detective” season 1 will be released for the first time on October 26 through Disney+.

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  1. I’m loving it and can’t wait I love the main actor I only watch korean films actors are all great of all ages. Everything is so well done I would be lost without my shows thankyou

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