“Crazy Love” Ratings Soar To Its Highest Yet, “Military Prosecutor Doberman” Ratings Remain Strong

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“Crazy Love” sees a big jump in its ratings to its best yet and fans are happy!

According to Nielsen Korea, the eleventh episode of KBS’ “Crazy Love” recorded an average nationwide rating of 4.3%, a significant jump from its previous episode rating of 3.0%. This is also the drama’s highest rating to date. The drama started out with modest ratings but has been gaining popularity with fans recently as the show progresses.

Fans are happy to find out that the drama has managed to rise in ratings with many hoping tonight’s episodes does even better.

“Crazy Love” is led by Kim Jae Wook, f(x)’s Krystal, Ha Jun, Yoo In Young, and Im Won Hee, and tells the story of a man who pretends to have amnesia when he is told he will be murdered, it’s also the story of a woman who pretends to be his fiance when she is told she doesn’t have much time to live.

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Meanwhile “Military Prosecutor Doberman” ratings remain strong, the drama’s eleventh episode scored an average nationwide rating of 7.5%, a slight rise from its previous episode rating of 7.4%.

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Source: Nielsen Korea

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

I am glad crazy love ratings are rising that’s for sure.

As I said in my review, the drama didn’t have the best start but it definitely became better as time went by. Regardless of my opinion on any drama, I am always happy if it does well. I hope tonight’s episode scores even more.

This is a bit surprising because generally speaking, a kdrama that does badly with its ratings at the start rarely gets to climb up in ratings. I am glad “Crazy Love” managed to do it because the actors are truly doing their best.

In regards to “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” its beginning to feel a bit stagnant in terms of plot, it took it a while to get there unlike what I expected but it did get there. You can definitely tell the drama doesn’t need to be 16 episodes.

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