Why I changed the blog name from confessions of a daydreamer to Jazmine media

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This was a very difficult decision to make, something that I knew I eventually had to do, and it has been a very difficult couple of weeks because of that sudden change.

Today I am talking about why I changed the blog name from confessions of a daydreamer to Jazmine media and why I won’t be publishing anymore inspiring content on the blog.
For the past year the blog name was: confessions of a daydreamer, I made the decision to move forward with my love for writing content and inspiring people and also talking about kpop and kdrama, something else that is very different that draws my attention as well.
For starters, I know that writing is quiet difficult, and I wrote some very good pieces on the blog and some not so good, my conscious sort of tormented me while I was writing those articles, I want to inspire and be inspired, but I found that what I am preaching is not what I’m always applying to my life.
I was so conscious about this, this is why I didn’t update so regularly on the blog regarding inspiring content, after reviewing my blog for the first 6 months, I noticed that many of the articles I publish are not something I’d be so interested in reading, so I revamped the site and worked harder and published a couple of good stories and articles.
As the year drew to an end my commitment to the kpop and kdrama world started taking up a lot of time, and I was ever so busy, I was preaching everyone on the blog to focus on one thing, while I myself was trying to have it all, I was trying to concur two hugely different genres and succeed in them.

3 weeks ago, I realized this was not going to work…. Not anymore.
I noticed that a lot of the readers don’t stick around to read the entire articles, and I noticed that it doesn’t get so many shares, so I was in a dilemma, should I just close the blog forever? or should I change things a bit?
It’s a business after all, and I entered this space to learn and grow and to hopefully make a career out of blogging, not easy! I know it’s not easy, but it was getting really difficult, especially with me trying to focus on two different types of content.
I am not a quitter, but more of a rational person, I calculated it well and it turns lots of the people who read my articles about kpop and kdrama came back, there I had lots of things to share and I felt more comfortable, I knew my way around a lot better in that category.
3 weeks ago, I decided to close down the inspiring part of the blog. It was a difficult decision, because I spent so much time and energy writing inspiring content of self-development nature, but I realized I needed to learn a lot more before I can call myself a “life coach” or inspiring person.
And this explains why any article of inspiring content you’ll click on will lead to a 404 page. And I apologize for the inconvenience.
Of course, I am not quitting writing inspiring content for good, and I will continue to write, and will continue to try and inspire others and will share inspiring content on my Facebook page for now.
I plan to study more and learn more before preaching anyone out there about anything in life, I plan on applying the words I write down on my laptop and share to my HUGE 448,000 followers.
And to all the readers who read my kpop and kdrama content here, I have a huge surprise for you all, this site is going to be covering the recent kpop and kdrama news with more in-depth details, I hope you join me on this ride.
To all the people who read the self-development articles I wrote, I am very thankful and sorry that you won’t be seeing any more of it, but fear not, you can follow me on Facebook where I will be still writing and sharing inspiring content.
Thank you all for reading 🙂
Yours truly,
Jazmine K.

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