Cha Seung Won, Kim Seon Ho, and Kim Kang Woo Begin Filming For Their Upcoming Movie

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Cha Seung Won, Kim Seon Ho, and Kim Kang Woo will star in a new film, “Tyrant” directed by Park Hoon Jung.

Acemaker Movie Works announced on January 9th that the filming of the movie “Tyrant” started on January 2nd along with the casting news.

“Tyrant” depicts the struggles of people for different purposes to claim the last sample of the ‘Tyrant Program’ that disappeared in a delivery accident. Director Park has directed the movie “New World” (2010) and the “Witch” series.

Cha Seung Won takes on the role of Lim Sang, a former agent tasked with eliminating the forces related to the tyrant program. Kim Seon Ho plays Choi Guk Jang, who has been running an unofficial tyrant program, and Kim Kang Woo plays Paul, a member of an overseas intelligence agency trying to dispose of the last sample.

Are you excited for this movie?


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