After “My Liberation Notes” Ratings Drop To Its Lowest, Gong Yoo Makes It His Mission To Promote It To His Fans

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Gong Yoo is a huge fan of the newly released drama “My Liberation Notes” and he wants you to know how good it is.

“My Liberation Notes” is a recently premiered drama but despite having an A-list lineup, the drama recently dropped to its lowest ratings to date with its 4th episode. Despite the low ratings, fans have been doing their best to hype up the drama. Viewers who are tuning in for the drama have praised its writing for being so relatable.

Gong Yoo is one of the people watching this drama and he’s made it his mission to tell his fans about how good it is.

On Instagram, Gong Yoo has been promoting “My Liberation Notes” to his 3.3 million followers. His first post on the drama included a caption referring to a famous line from the drama, he wrote, ‘I worship you.’

In his next post, Gong Yoo touched on the low ratings and advised fans not to focus on them but to enjoy the drama. He wrote,

“Ratings? Don’t ask for it [crave it]

Give it all~ to me like a warrior

explode all the love.”

What Gong Yoo wrote also references one of the memorable lines one of the characters said in the drama. Son Seok Gu has also commented on his second post, he wrote, “thank you, thank you, I love you.”

Are you currently watching “My Liberation Notes”?

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