Actor Lee Seo Won Charged With Sexual Harassment After Threatening Female Celebrity Who Refused His Advances

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Actor Lee Seo Won was revealed to have been the actor who sexually harassed and threatened actress A with a weapon.

On May 16, news outlet JoongAng Ilbo reported that the Seoul Gwangjin Police has charged actor Lee Seo Won on April 8 following an investigation before sending his case to the prosecution, they recommend an indictment.

The police stated,

“The victim is a female celebrity. We have forward his case to the Seoul East District Prosecutors’ Office earlier this month.”

According to the police, he was out drinking with a female celebrity (referred to as A) and he had made advances on her, he tried to kiss her and make physical contact and was rejected.

A proceeded to call her boyfriend, to which Lee Seo Won has become angry and threatened her with a weapon. Police added,

“He was drunk and was under police investigation; he even shouted and yelled at the police officer.”

Following the reports, his agency Blossom Entertainment released a full apology, they wrote,

“We had not been aware of the situation until we asked for confirmation of the facts we read from the media.

As a result of confirming to the correct facts, we knew that it was something that happened after he drank alcohol at a private meeting with an acquaintance.

There is no excuse. We bow our head to all of you and apologize. We are sorry.

At the present, Lee Seo Won acknowledges and deeply reflects on his mistakes and for causing concern to the other party and many others due to his mistakes.

We sincerely apologize deeply once again. We will be sincerely taking part of the upcoming investigation. We are sorry. “

Actor Lee Seo Won is one of the most popular rising actors in South Korea, he appeared in many productions such as “Uncontrollably Fond,” “Hospital Ship,” “The Liar and His Lover.”

He has also been cast to play the second lead of the upcoming drama “About Time,” and is the MC of KBS’s “Music Bank.”

His appearance on both programs is not confirmed as of this moment, we are waiting for statements from both sides. Stay tuned!

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  1. After being a bartender for over 20 years , hopefully, I can recognize someone who is inebriated- and stop serving them. I haven’t been to Korea yet, but see a lot of dramas and read Korean newspapers in English. It seems people there go out to “get drunk” when you are drunk – some people react poorly – whether they are famous or a garbage collector. It seems only the celebrities get criticized! I hope he redeemed himself and I hope that girl is more selective with whom she goes drinking! I believe she has to live up to some of the responsibility. Unless there were cameras it is hard to know who incited who. – I saw a lot of “drunk” women inciting men, I’m not saying the men reacted properly. But alcohol is dangerous!

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