3 Upcoming Yoo Ah In Projects With Netflix On Hold, Netflix In Discussion On What To Do

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Actor Yoo Ah In has tested positive for both propofol and marijuana. This has marked a question on his upcoming projects, he has three upcoming projects with Netflix, so what will happen to them?

Yoo Ah In was accused of ‘habitual use of propofol’ and after returning to Korea, a simple test conducted showed ‘positive for cannabis’ and ‘negative for propofol’, adding to the controversy over the drug charges.

The actor’s transformation into a suspect struck a chord with his various next works. It also had a huge impact on industries in various fields. First of all, he is ahead of the release of Netflix’s “Competition”, “The Fool of the End”, and the movie “High Five” this year, and he is scheduled to film Netflix’s “Hellbound 2” in June. 

In particular, “Competition” is scheduled to be released by Netflix in the second quarter, and production has already been completed. “Competition” is a film about the unavoidable match between the two legends of Baduk- a traditional Korean sport, Jo Hoon Hyeon (Lee Byung Hun) and Lee Chang Ho (Yoo Ah In), who were master-disciple and are rivals now.

“The Fool of the End” is scheduled for the fourth quarter, and Yoo Ah In will play the role of Ha Yoon Sang, a researcher at the Biotechnology Research Institute, who lives in a world in chaos.

After Yoo Ah In‘s allegations came out, Netflix expressed its position on his participation work. An official from Netflix said, “There are currently discussions going on about the current situation with officials.”


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