BTS Jin To Serve At The Frontline For Basic Military Training

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BTS Jin has given fans an update about his pending military enlistment!

On November 13, Jin replied to a fan’s comment who asked him, ‘oppa, your birthday is next month, are you excited?’ Jin replied with, ‘no, I got the frontline base….’

To those who aren’t aware, Jin is set to enlist soon. The basic 5 weeks of military training for Jin will be held at the frontline army base according to his own comment on Weverse. Some k-fans are worried that he might also be dispatched to another frontline base for the rest of his service as the rumors say its likely to be stationed at another frontline army base if you got your basic military training in a frontline base.

Recently, Jin reportedly submitted for a cancellation of postponement of military service.

Jin, who was born in 1992, is 30 years old and his enlistment had been postponed until the end of this year after being recommended by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to postpone his enlistment under the revised Military Service Act in 2020. However, due to the submission of the “cancellation of the postponement of enlistment,” Jin is expected to join the army as soon as the enlistment notice is released.

A notice of enlistment usually comes out within three months after submission of the cancellation source, but it is known that if the number of people waiting for enlistment is small, they can join the military within two months. As a result, Jin is expected to join the military as early as this year.

Earlier, BTS’s agency, Big Hit Music, said, “Jin will apply for the cancellation of the postponement of his enlistment and follow the Military Manpower Administration’s enlistment process later. Other members will also perform their military service sequentially according to their plans.”

Jin is reportedly enlisting in December.

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