Kris Wu is on the list of 88 artists who are now banned from livestreaming in China.

The list was shared on November 23 by the Cyberspace Administration of China. It included a total of 88 celebrities as part of the government crackdown on gossip and star-cashing culture that ‘impact’ cultural values. The negative list includes Kris Wu.

Kris Wu has been out of the limelight after Beijing Chaoyang Prosecutor’s Office approved his arrest on rape charges.

Previously, on July 31st, Kris Wu was arrested for further investigation on his sexual assault allegations. He was accused of repeated sexual assault, pedophilia, and more. The allegations were brought about by a woman named Du Meizhu. He had denied all involvement and all the allegations made against him but the backlash against him didn’t subside, and despite his denial statement, more victims came forward with their own stories sharing screenshots and more.


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