After Saying She Was Informed Of The Bed Scene During Filming, Han So Hee’s Agency Clarify Her Comments

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Han So Hee’s Agency has issued a statement to address the reaction netizens had to a comment made by her through an interview recently.

Netflix’s newest kdrama “My Name” was released on October 15. Since then, “My Name” ranked 4th place in ‘TOP TV Shows on Netflix’ and has been rising in popularity. One of the things that gained attention was the bed scene between Han So Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun.

Netizens shared mixed reactions to it. In an interview held a couple of weeks ago, Han So Hee explained why the scene was filmed and revealed that she found out about the scene in the middle of filming and wondered if it would be okay, after discussions with the writer and director she understood that it was a necessary scene for her character.

As a result, fans were surprised and angry to hear that she was only informed of the scene prior to filming it.

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On November 2, Han So Hee’s agency 9ato Entertainment released a statement regarding her comment, they wrote,

“The scene was first discussed in the pre-production stage, and we exchanged stories that there is a possibility of filming a bed scene to show the emotional change of the character “Jiwoo.”

Afterwards, the script was not completed at the time, so it was said that the filming of the scene will be decided according to the character’s emotions. Later, it was discussed that the scene would serve to show the human image of “Jiwoo” and explaining fluctuations in her emotions through the events that followed, so it was pondered on a lot by the director and writer.

As such, the phrase “I found out during the filming” means that the scene was finally decided during the filming after much consideration and discussion, and Han So-hee later explained in the interview the director and writer concerns and intentions as well as information about her consent.

We would like to inform you that all scenes were conducted after sufficient consultation between the production team and actors, including director and writer.”

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They ended their statement by explaining that they wanted to address this directly as they know how much work went into the production of this drama. They asked people to refrain from making false assumptions about this matter.

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