Han So Hee Explains The Reasoning Behind Her Love Scene With Ahn Bo Hyun Due To Mixed Responses

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Han So Hee has recently addressed her bed scene with Ahn Bo Hyun in her most recent drama “My Name.”

Netflix’s newest kdrama “My Name” has been released on October 15. Since then, “My Name” ranked 4th place in ‘TOP TV Shows on Netflix’ and has been rising in popularity.

On October 20, Han So Hee sat down for an interview and responded to questions about the love scene between her and Ahn Bo Hyun that received mixed responses from fans. She revealed that she found out about the scene in the middle of filming and wondered if it would be okay, she said,

“Some say the bed scene with Ahn Bo Hyun is out of the blue. At first, I thought, is this okay? I hope it won’t interfere with the viewer’s experience of the drama.

However, after discussing with the director and writer, the bed scene was supposed to signal the first time she accept she was human, it was meant to make her want to live like a human.”

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Han So Hee has also said she’s happy to hear that people think this role is unlike anything she’s done.

Did you think the bed scene in “My Name” was necessary for the plot?


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My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.


I was one of the people who didn’t understand the scene. Now that she says it like that, I understand the writer’s perspective, however, I still disagree with the execution.

First things first, Han So Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun made good working buddies, however, they didn’t have chemistry as a couple. The scene felt very awkward.

Added to that, throughout the entire series, there was no romance at all, it was purely focused on revenge. So the screenwriters sets the mood in one direction only to flip it in the last episode. It felt jarring above all.

Also, Ahn Bo Hyun’s character death would’ve been even more shocking and heartbreaking if that scene had been inserted earlier in the drama. If the screenwriter worked on building some sort of sexual tension between the characters, the death would’ve been way less expected and more impactful.

It’s nice of Han So Hee to explain why though, I am glad to know there was a particular reason behind it rather than just being there for the sake of shock. I enjoyed her performance a lot in the drama. I am happy she’s receiving so much praise for her work.

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  1. I considered “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” as the best film by portraying a mental illness looked like while “Mr. Sunshine” as the best historical drama. I’ve watched a lot of Korean romantic dramas that started well, but the ending weren’t good except the “Bromance.”

  2. I love the movie. I enjoy the love scene. The movie very action pack. It was awesome. He so caring and loving toward her. She need. It. I hated he died. Thanks fabulous movie.

  3. Very good drama she played an excellent part except the end she finally felt human with the bed scene then the way her partner died that was to too sad bad ending

  4. I actually really liked them together and was seeing the chemistry personally by the way he was the only one who seemed interested in her in a more human way. the beach seen was sweet because he listened to her, as that was the only place she was happy. He wanted her to know there was hope and she was loved. I didn’t think it was out of nowhere, the shared some looks, he seemed jealous when the man noticed her. She thanked him because he looked out for her. The ending was more impactful to me, she finally found a way out and it was stolen for her yet again.

  5. I loved the movie. Amazing acting. Personally, I felt the chemistry between this couple was very real. It wasn’t that often seen, silly, in your face kind of back and forth. Restrained… until the beautiful bed scene! Climactic!

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