Sunmi’s Agency ABYSS Company Announces Strict Legal Action Against The Rise In Hate Comments Against Her

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Sunmi’s Agency ABYSS Company has released a stern statement to announce their plans to take strict legal action against hate comments.

Recently, Sunmi shared screenshots of hate and death threats she’s been receiving online due to her comments on “Girls Planet 999.” Sunmi fired back and fans rallied behind her.

Following that, her agency released an official statement to announce they any acts of malicious comments, personal attacks, mockery, hateful comments will be dealt with by taking legal action.

They stated, “In order to protect the rights of our artist, our company plans to take strong legal action against any and all hateful comments that infringes on our artist’s well-being without any settlement.

The agency also revealed they will be accepting fans’ reports via the email provided in the statement. [see below photo]

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