Sunmi has recently opened up about her father’s passing.

On October 10 episode of SBS “My Little Old Boy,” Sunmi made a guest appearance on the show. She opened up about her family and talked about being proud of her little brothers.

She said,

“I have two younger brothers and I am the oldest one. At first, they didn’t even reveal I am their sister as to not burden me. They also don’t ask for an allowance either. Whenever I ask them if they have enough money, they tell me to not worry and that I should eat well instead.”

Sunmi also shared details about her father, she said,

“My dad had been ill since I was very young. He passed away when I was a trainee in Seoul, so I couldn’t be with him during his last moments. I received a letter from him asking me to be his daughter in his next life. I felt immensely guilty for not being there for him when he passed away because I came to Seoul because of my family in the first place.”

Sunmi also went on to thank her stepfather for raising three children [her and her brothers] who aren’t biologically related to him.

Meanwhile, Sunmi made her return with the digital single “Go or Stop?” last night.

What do you think of Sunmi’s comments about her father?


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