HYBE Shuts Down Dating Rumors Involving BTS V And Chaebol Daughter- What started them?

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BTS V has been involved in dating rumors, but what happened that led to this?

The rumors began last night. On October 13, many k-netizens spotted BTS V attending “Korea’s International Art Fair 2021.” He was among the VVIP at the preview event which opened Seoul’s COEX, mind you, the event was also attended by many other VVIPs. This marked the first time in two years since the event was held in-person. The show is set to open to the general public on October 15.

Since BTS V was spotted at the event, many k-netizens took photos of him. Many also spoke kindly of the idol, his looks, and his manners. What caused the dating rumors was some of the photos that circulated the web.

BTS V was spotted with a particular woman walking around the exhibit, many k-netizens took photos of that. Subsequently, some netizens online began to spread the rumors that BTS V must be dating the woman in question. What fueled the rumors was a bracelet that V wore, the brand of the bracelet was launched by Phillip Chun.

On October 14, HYBE released a swift response that put the rumors to rest. BTS V was rumored to be dating the daughter of Paradise Group’s chairman Phillip Chun and the Paradise Culture Foundation’s chairwoman Choi Yoon Jung.

HYBE told news outlets,

“Chairwoman Choi Yoon Jung’s family and V are just acquaintances.”

Fans also began to point out that the bracelet V wore was gifted to him by Jin. Many fans also pointed out that since V is a public figure and the event he attended was public, it would be highly unlikely for him to go on a date with his girlfriend at such an event. Many fans are upset that V got dragged into dating rumors simply because he was spotted with a woman.

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