“Squid Game” Actor Heo Sung Tae Thanks His Fans For Making Him A Millionaire… With Instagram Followers

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Squid Game” Actor Heo Sung Tae has a witty way of celebrating his new Instagram milestone.

The hit Netflix drama “Squid Game” has propelled all of its cast members to global stardom, this was showcased with the rapid growth all of its actors experienced on Instagram. With Jung Ho Yeon becoming the most followed Korean actress on this platform.

Actor Heo Sung Tae plays the role of Jang Daeok Su, player 101, in the drama. He plays the villain role and he’s been praised for his stellar acting.

Recently, Actor Heo Sung Tae reached 1 million Instagram followers, he celebrated reaching the milestone by publishing a new picture, he captioned it with, “Thank you for making me a millionaire ♡.


Netizens found his caption both funny and cute.

Are you a fan of Heo Sung Tae?

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