Choo Ja Hyun Addresses Her Husband’s Cheating Rumors + Why Did She Apologize To Fans?

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Actress Choo Ja Hyun has spoken up about her husband alleged cheating rumors that have gone viral a couple of days ago.

On July 15, Chinese media outlet Sohu Entertainment reported that Yu Xiaoguang was spotted with a woman sitting on his lap after he left a late-night drinking party.

Along with the report, a video was released of the incident. It shows Yu Xiaoguang calling for an unknown woman who proceeds to jump inside his lap and inside his car before they left. Their agency HB Entertainment has denied the rumors and said the woman is someone he knew.

Despite their explanation, fans weren’t convinced and since this isn’t the first time Yu Xiaoguang was involved in cheating rumors, netizens didn’t take kindly to it. Both Korean and Chinese netizens took Choo Ja Hyun’s side and talked about how she must be upset because of the rumors.

On July 17, Choo Ja Hyun personally took to Instagram to address the cheating rumors and she apologized to fans, here is what she wrote,

“Hello, I’m Choo Ja Hyun.

I’m sure many people were disappointed by YuXiaoguang’s video a few days ago. I also think Xiaoguang’s behavior in the video was misleading enough even though I knew them well.

Even if it’s a simple mistake, there’s a clear responsibility for his wrong behavior. I also rebuked him for his carelessness and he is deeply aware of this and is reflecting on himself.

Thanks to all of you who sympathized with me and put in a lot of effort to think about me, I’m very touched.

If you could generously watch us with affection and interest, we will work together to show you a more mature image as a married couple.

I should have told you good news during difficult times, but I’m sorry to have troubled you.

Thank you.”

What do you think of her statement?

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