Choo Ja Hyun’s Husband Yu Xiaoguang Accused Of Cheating After Video Leaked Of A Woman Sitting On Lap, Agency Denies And Explains

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Choo Ja Hyun’s Husband Yu Xiaoguang has been embroiled in cheating rumors again!

On July 15, Chinese media outlet Sohu Entertainment reported that Yu Xiaoguang was spotted with a woman sitting on his lap after he left from a late night drinking party.

Along with the report, a video was released of the incident. It shows Yu Xiaoguang calling for an unknown woman who proceeds to jump inside his lap and inside his car before they left.

The news came as a huge shock to fans who know about how loving the couple is in real life. Choo Ja Hyun and Yu Xiaoguang have a reputation of a dedicated couple that they built through their appearances on variety shows.

However, Yu Xiaoguang’s label has denied the allegations and dismissed the rumors that the woman was someone he was romantically involved with,

“This is a happening that occurred after the actor was returning home from a meeting with acquaintances in May. The people who appear in the video are the director and close acquaintances who also travels with their family. No matter how close the acquaintances may be, he will pay attention to his behavior because it may lead to a misunderstanding.

As many people care for Yu Xiaoguang and Choo Ja-hyun, we promise that the parties involved will be more careful about their actions in the future.”

However, netizens have recalled that this isn’t the first time he’s been involved in cheating rumors. Back in October of 2017, he was spotted holding hands with a woman who wasn’t his wife during late night hours. The actor also dismissed those allegations at the time and stated that the woman was someone he’s known for 12 years. He said that they held hands as a “meaning of friendship.”

Choo Ja Hyun and YuXiaoguang married in 2017 and have a son together.

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