Lee Seung Gi’s Biggest Fan Club Denies They’ve Publicly Shown Support For His Relationship With Lee Da In Despite Media Outlets Reports

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The fallout from Lee Seung Gi’s dating news continues and more fans are growing concerned by the fact that he’s dating Lee Da In who has a troubled and controversial family history.

Many media outlets have been writing about this especially after one fan protested with a truck asking the actor to take a stance and basically stop dating Lee Da In due to her parents’ actions. In those media outlet reports, many have quoted that despite the pushback, Lee Seung Gi’s biggest Korean fan club had publicly shown support for his relationship through a statement.

However, it turns out that was false. Lee Seung Gi’s Gallery [the one in question] ended up issuing a formal response to those media outlet reports denying they’ve ever expressed support for his relationship.

They released an official notice to state they respect the actor’s private life but will not support a relationship that could potentially disturb his career due to the actress’s family personal issues that had allegedly affected many families.

Lee Da In’s parents and family were previously alleged to be involved in stock manipulation and insider trading, which reportedly led to financial losses and even suicide for some victims. The issue isn’t with the fact that he’s dating but rather whom he’s dating. Fans are concerned for his reputation.

The fanclub stated,

“We’d like to make it clearly known that Lee Seung Gi’s Gallery respects his private life. However, no fans are able to support a relationship that causes him to receive criticism over a matter unrelated to him.”

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