Clip Of ITZY’s Ryujin Impersonating Ha Eunbyul From “Penthouse” Goes Viral

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Who would’ve thought that Ryujin would be this perfect at copying Ha Eunbyul From “Penthouse”?

ITZY has recently made a comeback and have been actively promoting through music show appearances, variety shows and more.

On May 3 episode of SBS’s “Tiki Ta Car,” ITZY members made a guest appearance, and during the show, the MC brought up Ryujin’s new talent, impersonation. Ryujin admitted she watches lots of dramas and has been enjoying the hit SBS drama “Penthouse,” she also revealed she can impersonate Choi Yebin’s character Ha Eunbyeol in the drama.

Ha Eunbyeol has become well-known among kdrama fans for her exaggerated and distinct facial expressions when she gets angry and frustrated, to the surprise of fans, Ryujin’s impression of her was spot on so much so that even the MC were surprised.

The clip of her impersonation has also gone viral, check it out down below!

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