J.Y Park Faces Heavy Backlash For ITYZ’s New Comeback Song, K-Netizens Ask Him To Stop Writing For ITZY

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ITZY has recently came back with a new song called “M.A.F.I.A. In The Morning,” and despite being one of the most anticipated releases by a rising rookie group in 2021, the title song was met with mixed responses at best.

While some fans loved the song structure, lyrics, and overall message, others called it clunky, messy and criticized the lyrics for ‘making no sense and being very cringy. Its been dubbed the ITZY song that received the most mixed responses from fans since their debut.

And who worked on this song? None other than JYP’s founder J.Y Park among others, he has been catching some flak for writing the song.

Since there are some fans who disliked the song, they criticized the creators behind it as many are already aware the girl group has no say in what type of song they get for each comeback.

J.Y Park’s Instagram was filled with many comments by both k-netizens and international netizens asking him to stop writing songs for ITZY, here is a translation from a screenshot taken from his Instagram account.

JYP should really step down, he doesn’t have it anymore

what is this? Please stop writing songs for ITZY, its so bad, is this noise pollution? I feel so bad for the kids

oh, I see that J.Y Park was the mafia

ITZY visuals were amazing but the lyrics are very horrible

OMG, what happened

where is so much negativity, I like the song

stop writing songs for ITZY

THIS is what they created for the best looking and talented girls? I can’t believe this


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Do you agree with netizens? Did you like ITZY’s new song?

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