Mnet’s “Kingdom” Episode 1 Final Rankings Revealed [Mnet Introduction Stage Rankings]

Mnet’s “Kingdom” Episode 2 has aired earlier today and the results of Mnet’s “Kingdom” Episode 1 rankings have finally been fully revealed.

Last week, Mnet’s “Kingdom” premiered and each group did an introductory performance, at the end of the episode, only the rankings of SF9, ATEEZ and BTOB were revealed, position 1, 2 and 6 were yet to be revealed.

So these are the final rankings for Mnet’s “Kingdom” Episode 1:

#1 Stray Kids [690,970 votes]

#2 The Boyz [574,273 votes]

#3 BTOB [540,621 votes]

#4 SF9 [533,458 votes]

#5 Ateez [504,215 votes ]

#6 Ikon [489,971 votes]

What do you think of the rankings? Are you shocked?

7 thoughts on “Mnet’s “Kingdom” Episode 1 Final Rankings Revealed [Mnet Introduction Stage Rankings]”

  1. I wish ateez and Ikon got a better ranking because their performances are great. They both have one person missing difference is that Ikon don’t have a leader and Ateez didn’t have mingi in the show. I feel that both groups worked really hard on their performances and deserved better.

    And additionally I always rely on your news pages 🙂

  2. Ateez is one of my ults so obviously I wished they got a better position since with mingi missing it must be really difficult but they did a good job and ikon clearly had a stunning performance so I expected much better positions for them but I’m not completely disappointed with the rankings either. So let’s hope to see the changes for the next round.

  3. I didn’t like the show being depending on votes and all because there are some groups with a really small fanbase and won’t go any higher despite them working really hard


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