Mnet’s “Kingdom” Rankings For Episode 1 Revealed, Fans Utterly Shocked

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Its finally here!

The first episode of the highly anticipated competition show “Kingdom” has aired and its already a tense battle.

During the press conference which was held earlier today ahead of the premiere, PD Lee Young Joo then announced that there would be no eliminations in “Kingdom,” and also revealed the voting criteria. Each team will be given votes based on voting by competing teams (25%), expert panel score (25%), domestic and global fan votes (40%), and video score (10%). The team with the most points wins.

For this preliminary round, each team put on a 100-seconds performance that had earned them a music show win, these performances were streamed online back in February, at the time, global fans voted for three teams each—and the rankings for this round were determined based solely on those votes.

The rankings for this week’s performances have been announced and it left fans utterly shocked.

“Kingdom” episode 1 voting rankings are:

1. to be announced next week

2. to be announced next week


4. SF9


6. to be announced next week

UPDATE: Mnet’s “Kingdom” Episode 1 Final Rankings Revealed [Mnet Introduction Stage Rankings]

Fans were super shocked to find out that ATEEZ has ranked second to the lowest among the groups.

What are your thoughts on “Kingdom” episode 1 voting rankings?

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