Kim Jung Hyun’s Agency Requests A Mediation Of Conflict Regarding His Exclusive Contract+ The Reason Why He Left ‘Time’ In 2018 Wasn’t Due Health Issues?

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Kim Jung Hyun is reportedly in conflict with his agency.

ON April 8, O& Entertainment has submitted a petition to the Korea Entertainment Management Association, its a request for contract mediation in regards to his exclusive contract.

Last night, reports stated that Kim Jung Hyun exclusive contract with his agency will expire this May and that he’s currently in talks to join Culture Depot. However, O& Entertainment claims that their exclusive contract with Kim Jung Hyun has about 11 months left. But why?

In case you might not be aware or don’t recall, in 2018, Kim Jung Hyun was embroiled in controversy. During the press conference for his MBC drama “Time,” he was criticized for being unprofessional, cold, and distant. He kept a gloomy face and rarely did fan service. His attitude during the press conference raised a lot of questions. At the time, he issued an apology and the agency stated he was method-acting and thus, was deeply immersed in his character.

Kim Jung Hyun ended up leaving the drama before it wrapped up, at the time, the agency cited that he had developed severe illnesses including a sleep disorder and an eating disorder.

After leaving the drama, Kim Jung Hyun took a hiatus for over 11 months. He came back with “Crash Landing On You,” marking an end to his hiatus.

Due to his hiatus, the agency argues the contract is extended by 11 months. And while the agency says its true his contract will expire in May, the 11 month hiatus period should be counted meaning his contract with them expires next year.

It is also being stated that O& Entertainment was aware he didn’t want to renew their contract with them but weren’t aware he was already in talks to join another agency. They hurried to submit the mediation after finding out about this through the news. The agency also says Kim Jung Hyun has cut almost all contact with their label except with his direct manager.

O& Entertainment also went on to reveal more of what happened in 2018, at the time, the production company behind “Time” was planning to file a lawsuit against him but the agency was able to convince them otherwise and it ended up without demanding compensation from the actor.

According to more news outlets reports, the actor’s departure from “Time” wasn’t due to health issues but rather ‘personal reasons,’ as the actor had issues with his girlfriend at the time causing his attitude issues at the press conference.

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