CUBE Entertainment Denies New ‘School Violence Committee’ Claims Made Against (G)I-DLE’s Soojin

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CUBE Entertainment has responded to the new bullying rumors surrounding (G)I-DLE’s Soojin!

On March 17, a post titled ‘I will expose the atrocities I witnessed’ was posted on a certain online community, in the post, the author claims that Soojin was a prominent child in school because she was an iljin ‘a bully,’ and claimed that an informal school violence committee was held due to Soojin, she was called to the school’s office among others in her group.

On the same day, CUBE Entertainment responded to the rumors in a brief statement to Newsen calling them ‘unfounded and one-sided’ and promising strict legal action against the spreading of such rumors.

Currently, Soojin has halted her activities in her group, she personally denied ever being a school bully and her agency denied it as well.

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