[TRENDING] Source Music Apologizes For GFRIEND’s Sowon Photo With A Nazi Soldier, Here Is What They Said

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Source Music has responded to the severe backlash that stemmed from GFRIEND’s Sowon social media updates last night.

Last night, GFRIEND’s uploaded two photos of her hugging a Nazi soldier and looking at him lovingly. The photos immediately garnered backlash from the fans, and the post has been deleted. Her name topped twitter worldwide trends as well.

On February 1, Source Music issued an apology statement to the matter and explained their position; here is the full translated statement,


This is Source Music.

We deeply apologize for causing controversy over the behind-the-scenes video of GFRIEND’s comeback show and the photos uploaded by member Sowon.

In November last year, an outsourced production company rented out a café in Paju to shoot the VCR for the new album show and our staff took behind-the-scenes videos at the filming site as well as several photos for artists’ SNS.

The department in charge did not recognize that there was a problem with the mannequin’s attire during the on-site inspection process on the day of the shooting. In the process of uploading these videos, the behind-the-scenes video (December 12th) and photos (January 31st), we went through internal inspection and uploaded them without recognizing the problematic parts.

We apologize for not checking in advance that there were inappropriate props on the set. Not thoroughly inspecting it before the process of filming and uploading content, and not paying close attention to historical facts and social problems. We bow our heads in apology to those who may have felt uncomfortable with the video and pictures.

The problem part in the video has been edited and the artist themselves was very surprised, after learning the meaning of the photo, deleted it immediately, she feels deeply responsible for posting such photos.

We will deeply note that the contents we produce and share could affect many people and will pay more attention to social issues in the future.

Once again, we deeply apologize to those who may have been hurt by the video and photos.”

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