GFRIEND’s Sowon Receives Backlash For Posting Pictures Hugging A Nazi Soldier, Fans Ask Her To Apologize


GFRIEND’s Sowon is under fire after she posted these recent photos on her SNS!

GFRIEND’s Sowon recently uploaded two photos of her hugging a Nazi soldier. The photos immediately garnered backlash from the fans, and the post has been deleted.

The photos were reportedly taken at a set that her group used to film their album comeback show. However, the exact location remains unknown.

Soon, various fans soon posted the photos and they gained a lot of attention online and with it, a lot of backlash. Many fans tweeted about their extreme shock at the photo and how disappointed they were in her.

Following that, various fans flooded GFRIEND’s Weverse with a message asking Sowoon to issue an apology for the matter, stating that its not enough to delete the photos.

The issue became the center of attention with Sowoon’s name entered twitter top worldwide trends with more than 30k mentions as of this writing.

With this issue, fans brought up an old video of the group from 2016 when member SinB says she’s named one of her group members ‘Kitler,’ a mix between the words Hitler and Kim sojung, many fans are shocked at this as well.

Source Music hasn’t responded to the backlash yet.

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