TWICE Tzuyu’s Home Robbed And Various Precious Signed Albums And Photocard Stolen, Thief Arrested

Various news outlets have reported that TWICE Tzuyu’s Home has been robbed and the perpetrator is someone the family knew!

It was recently revealed that TWICE Tzuyu’s Home in Taiwan was robbed, various signed photocards, albums, and merch were stolen. The thief didn’t target anything but Tzuyu’s goods with the intention of making a profit off of them by selling them online.

When the family had realized what happened, it was reported to police. It was reported that the Kaohsiung City Criminal University had seized 62 photos, 11 albums and 2 TWICE photobooks, all autographed. One album has been already sold for $3000 NTW ($107 USD) already.

The thief was a cleaner that Tzuyu’s family hired as recommended by a family friend. It’s been also reported that the thief was released on bail.

JYP Entertainment has yet to give an official statement on the matter.

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