Rappers BewhY and Khundi Panda have spoken up about their recent attitude controversy at a radio show.

On January 15, BewhY and Khundi Panda appeared on “DAY6’s Kiss the Radio.” video clips of their appearance are trending all over social media with fans expressing their disappointment with the rappers for their behavior. During the show, they turned down multiple fans requests, BeWhy swore, and their phones weren’t on silent either.

They got into heavy backlash due to their attitude prompting their agency Dejavu Group to issue a response.

BewhY is Dejavu Group’s founder and CEO, despite that, many fans thought he should’ve released a separate statement. Netizens also thought that it was an issue both artists should personally apologize for, not through their agencies, which kind of ended up happening.

Both BewhY and Khundi Panda uploaded apology statements after their agency did, but here is the catch, they copied the apology statement of the agency and pasted it on both their posts which garnered heavy backlash from netizens.

Usually, in case of a controversial issue, any Korean public figure would upload a personal apology which is almost always not a copy-paste of their own agency apology statement.


What do you think of this?


  1. Wow!That’s even worse I personally think! That means they put no thought nor effort into their apologies! Makes it look as if they can care less! Basically only doing it cuz it was brought up & made an issue, so they copy & pasted a generalized statement & signed their name 2 the bottom! 4 Individuals who their main job is creative writing basically, if they write their own music, but they couldn’t create a 3-4 line apology? Idk about all that! Yikes! It feels a bit insincere!


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