Rappers BewhY And Khundi Panda Under Fire For Their Rude Behavior On “DAY6’s Kiss The Radio” By Young K + Agency Issues An Apology


Rappers BewhY and Khundi Panda are under heavy fire for their behavior and attitude on “DAY6’s Kiss the Radio.”

On January 15, BewhY and Khundi Panda appeared on “DAY6’s Kiss the Radio.” video clips of their appearance are trending all over social media with fans expressing their disappointment with the rappers for their behavior. During the show, they turned down multiple fans requests and swore as well.

DAY6’s Young K was also praised for handling the interview as professionally as possible. Here are some examples of why they were under fire:

When Young K asked BeWhy if it’s possible to do an acrostic, he firmly said, ‘it wouldn’t be possible.’ And When Young K asked BeWhy to comment on Khundi Panda’s rap style, BewhY said, “He’s fucking good.” Young K attempted to phrase it better since swearing isn’t allowed on the show, he said, ‘maybe you mean, he’s like really really good?’ but BeWhy said, ‘he’s fucking good.’

When one fan asked them to rap live, Khundi Panda replied, “I forgot the lyrics.” and when another fan asked him to say her name adding it’s her wish for the new year, he first refused saying ‘I don’t feel like doing it,’ before reluctantly doing it.

Added to that, both of their cellphones weren’t on silent while they filmed for the show.

Various clips of them circulated online and netizens bombarded them with comments about their attitude, due to the severe backlash, on January 16, their agency Dejavu Group issued an apology on behalf,

“Our artists BewhY and Khundi Panda appeared on ‘DAY6’s Kiss the Radio’ on January 15 at 10 p.m. KST and made the listeners uncomfortable with their inappropriate attitude. We sincerely apologize for that.”


The agency also added that they apologize for causing discomfort for everyone, including Young K of DAY6, the staff of ‘DAY6’s Kiss the Radio,’ and fans of DAY6, they stated they personally contacted the staff and the DJ to express their deepest apologies.

However, many netizens weren’t happy with the agency issuing an official apology on the behalf of the rappers, many believe that the rappers should apologize themselves for their attitude.

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1 thought on “Rappers BewhY And Khundi Panda Under Fire For Their Rude Behavior On “DAY6’s Kiss The Radio” By Young K + Agency Issues An Apology”

  1. I think there’s a time & a place 4 everything & how 1 should act, be decent & respectful! I feel they were out of line 4 that particular situation. The fact that they wouldn’t do an acrostic poem (which should’ve been absolutely no problem, a reasonable request, if they truly write their own lyrics, they should’ve easily been able 2 flaunt their skills even if it was done in their own style), but just saying no, wasn’t cool! Saying you 4got your own lyrics 2 your own song? That gives me the feeling as if they didn’t even write their own lyrics to begin with, but 2 be unnecessarily rude about it wasn’t cool either! Do you know how many other artists would’ve loved 2 have been in their spots! I just don’t like that type of shit. This concept or contorted ideals of Hip Hop/Rapper’s Swag or whatever you wanna call it, it’s not all about swearing, trying 2 be all tough & shit, by any means! People will just think they’re str8 up assholes! No 1’s gonna look at you like wow, they’re hardcore cuz they’re swearing & carrying themselves like that! Lol! All that does is make you look like #1 you got an attitude & chip on your shoulder, short disrespectful answers like that make them seem not 2 intelligent, as if that’s all you got! I definitely think they should personally apologize! 100% It’s 2 bad, had they been more respectful & not been so resistant 2 fans requests, they most likely would’ve left outta that interview w/tons of more fans honestly! There’s a time & a place 4 everything!


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