Lai Kuan Lin Issues A Handwritten Apology Letter Addressing The Dating Rumors And Smoking ‘Controversy’

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Lai Kuan Lin has posted a second apology!

Former Wanna One Member Lai Kuan Lin had previously issued an apology after a video of him smoking and spitting went viral on Weibo.

Following that, one of his fansites ‘exposed’ his alleged relationship to the world sharing private photos of what they claimed to be his girlfriend which in turn reignited interest in his smoking controversy and the new alleged dating rumors. The dating rumors had two contrasting reactions from fans, some welcomed the news and wished him happiness, while others didn’t react so nicely.  

On November 25, Lai Kuan Lin posted a handwritten apology letter to fans, he addressed the situation with his smoking controversy apologizing once again for ‘everyone who loved him,’ he said, ‘it was a wrong thing to do even if its somewhere I thought I wouldn’t be seen.’

He also touched on the dating rumors, telling his fans that regarding his private life, if he ever has good news to share, they’d be the first to know, he stressed that at this point ‘his career is his priority,’ he closed his statement with, ‘I’ll reflect on everything that happened today.’  

What do you think of Lai Kuan Lin’s apology?

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