Fans have noticed that “Lovesick Girls” MV has been edited!

Previously, a controversy surrounding a scene in “Lovesick Girls” MV was stirred; the nurses association in South Korea found an issue with a scene’s deception of nurses. YG ended up issuing an apology and later revealed their decision to edit out the controversial scene.

Fans had been wondering if it meant YG would have to re-upload the MV but it seems that is no longer an issue. Fans have noticed as of October 19 (KST), that “Lovesick Girls” MV has changed. The original scene which included Jennie in a nurse outfit is no longer visible and instead, the video feature more shots of Jennie is another outfit.

It seems that YG was able to edit the particular scene without sacrificing the views records fans had been working hard to collect. This isn’t the first time YG quietly edited an MV without deleting it, earlier this year, Indian fans raised an issue with “How You Like That” MV. YG was under fire for disrespecting their culture and religion, fans were furious to see the statue of Ganesha on the floor, YG never publicly issued an apology or addressed the situation but they quietly edited out the particular shot in the MV without deleting it.

You can check out the edited “Lovesick Girls” MV below:  


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