YG Entertainment Quietly Edits Out Hindu Deity Ganesha Statue From BLACKPINK’s MV “How You Like That”

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“How You Like That” MV no longer has Hindu Deity Ganesha Statue!

Previously, Indian fans found an issue with BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” MV. The MV contained the status of the Hindu deity Ganesha near the ground. Fans found it quite disrespectful and offensive that the statue was on the ground, the statue is always placed on a high surface never on the floor.

Indian fans trended the hashtags Ganesha and #YGapologise on twitter to express their thoughts on the matter.

On June 29 (KST), fans began to notice that the statue disappeared from the MV. If you view the video now, you will not be able to find the statue. The statue of the Hindu deity Ganesha was next to Lisa in one of her rap scenes. It was when she sat on the throne.

YG didn’t make any official announcement regarding the editing and it appears that they were able to edit out the statue without deleting the music video and losing all the views that fans worked hard on streaming.

Tweets about YG deleting the statue out of the video appeared on June 29, the exact time frame of when they deleted it is unknown to fans but it’s believed to have been on June 29.

It is also unknown if YG Entertainment will ever make a statement addressing the subject or apologizing to Indian fans. Nevertheless, fans are happy that the statue is now gone from the MV.

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Are you happy about this?

Check out the edited MV below:

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