YG Entertainment Under Fire For Disrespecting Hindu Deity Ganesha And Using Its As A Prop In “How You Like That” MV


YG Entertainment’s management is under fire from Indian BLINKs for what they saw in BLACKPINK’s newest MV “How You Like That.”

The issue began when some fans noticed that the statue of the Hindu deity Ganesha was next to Lisa in one of her rap scenes. It was when she sat on the throne, the statue can be seen on the floor.

After Indian fans found out about this, many of them were furious. Ganesha is one of the most important deities worshipped for Indians, he symbolizes wisdom.

There are two points of criticism regarding the MV, the first one being that the statue was placed on the ground, many Indian BLINKs found it disrespectful that such a statue was on the floor, the statue is always placed on a high surface never on the floor.  

The second point of criticism is that many Indian BLINKs find it very disrespectful that the statue is being used as a prop in an MV, many fans were critical of the MV for using their religion as an aesthetic.

Indian fans began trending the hashtags Ganesha and #YGapologise on twitter to express their thoughts on the matter. Fans are also keen on separating the BLACKPINK members from this issue as they had nothing to do with this and the MV was entirely planned by the YG management team.

Many have been mass-emailing the company asking them to apologize for the issue and correct the MV.

YG Entertainment has not yet issued a response on the matter.


Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. This is so disgusting! This isn’t the first time they have d9ne this to people culture! And blackpinks fans also partake in disrespecting peoples cultrue and religion! And they quote “I dont give a fuck about your god” and so much other vile behaviour. This is what blackpink is promoting & encouraging their fans to behave like. These people like them and will keep showing is blatant disregard for peoples culture and religion! If they slipped up once and actually apologized SINCERELY and didnt do it again then people might have forgave and simply askee them to educate themselves, but no! They keep doing this like they weren’t just recently blasted for this same thing! This isn’t the old days when Korea was still very ignorant about these type of things! No! They have advanced over the years and the people are learning but yet blackpink and their compang YG are in times like this, and STILL doing disgusting acts like this without an explaination or an apology after being called out! YG needs to get their racist, xenophobic and ignorant behaviour out of their minds and souls and educate themselves and their artist! I will not forget their continued disrespect.


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