Korean Nurses Association Criticize YG Entertainment For BLACKPINK Jennie’s Sexy Nurse Outfit In “Lovesick Girls” MV

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The Health and Medical Workers’ Union of Korea has released a public statement voicing their disappointment with BLACKPINK‘s recent MV, “Lovesick Girls.”

Jennie’s nurse outfit in “Lovesick Girls” gained negative reactions from netizens previously. Jennie wore a short skirt, tights and high heels for the MV, and many found it troublesome and stated that the outfit is sexually objectifying nurses.

In their official statement, they criticized YG Entertainment stating,

“Even though the nurses are health and medical workers, they’re exposed to sexual objectification and get their expertise questioned simply because there were many women in this profession.

Even though nurses have been fighting for a long time to improve this, YG Entertainment has sexually objectified nurses in BLACKPINK’s music video

The nurses are still exposed to overuse of power and sexual assault. The more this image is repeated, the worse the situation gets.”

The union urged YG to use BLACKPINK’s influence in a responsible manner,

“Now that BLACKPINK’s new song is ranked at the top of various global charts, we urge YG Entertainment to take responsible actions to match BLACKPINK’s popularity and influence”

UPDATE: YG Entertainment Addresses The Backlash Surrounding BLACKPINK Jennie’s Nurse Outfit In “Lovesick Girls”, here is what they said

What do you think of the union’s statement?

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