A Fake Fan-Edited Photo Of BLACKPINK Rosé And EXO Chanyeol Goes Viral On Korean News Sites In Light Of Chanyeol’s Recent Scandal


A fan-edited photo of BLACKPINK Rosé And EXO Chanyeol has gone viral on various Korean media outlet.

There are many shippers in the kpop world ,and there happens to be many shippers of BLACKPINK Rosé and EXO Chanyeol so much so that some fans sometimes make false edited photos to either further their narrative of why they believe two idols are dating or just for fun.

One fan-edited photo has recently gone viral and Korean news outlets falsely began to report it as a Dispatch photo and question whether they were dating because of it, which caused a lot of confusion among those who are aware this photo is fake.  

The fake photo is of Chanyeol leaving a place followed by Rosé. The edited photo has the logo of Dispatch on it as well. For non-fans and people who don’t generally follow such trends, the photo could’ve appeared real.

Note: the below photo is fake and not by Dispatch

this is a fake photo

In light of the recent controversy surrounding Chanyeol, Korean news outlets began to dig into his past with other idols and likely have come across this photo and began reporting on it. Recently, His alleged ex-girlfriend of three years exposed him for allegedly cheating on her with multiple women including idols which explains the sudden interest in what idols he might’ve dated. [Please note that these are only allegations against Chanyeol and they haven’t been proven or addressed by SM or Chanyeol]

International fans who are well aware of this photo corrected the news outlets, soon, various other news outlets began to report that the photo was fake, edited, and fabricated.

Fans began to worry for Rosé who has nothing to do with this situation and was merely dragged into it because of an edited photo. They’re happy the situation is getting cleared up.

the actual photo

Some of the news outlets that reported on it 1 and 2.

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1 thought on “A Fake Fan-Edited Photo Of BLACKPINK Rosé And EXO Chanyeol Goes Viral On Korean News Sites In Light Of Chanyeol’s Recent Scandal”

  1. Fan shipping is only good at sometimes but not all the time,if your idol is dating someone u should be happy for him/her.
    And if ur idol is not dating anyone then u don’t need to spread unnecessary things,or doing such things!!!!
    Here the case of both Chanyeol and Rose ,we never saw them both together in any award or function or in any other places,yes !this pic is edited.
    For all the fans please let our idol be safe and if they’re dating or not it’s thier personal things.


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