[BREAKING] EXO Chanyeol Accused Of Cheating Multiple Times By An Alleged Ex-Girlfriend, SM Issues A Response

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EXO Chanyeol is currently the top trending topic on the internet due to a post that went viral from someone who claims to be his ex-girlfriend.

On October 28, a post on an online community went viral. The netizen who wrote the post claims she’s Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend and that they had dated for 3 years.

In her post, she provides various photos with Chanyeol with her face and identity completely erased, the photos are edited so she isn’t recognizable.

In her long post, she goes into details about their relationship and how he had allegedly cheated on her with more than 10 women throughout the course of their relationship and how she found out when their 3rd year anniversary approached. She even claimed he had beef with one of the EXO members.

In short, in her post she details how she was blinded and didn’t know he was cheating on her despite how well known that was about him in the industry. She says they began seriously dating after he asked for her number from an acquaintance.

She goes on to claim Chanyeol slept with girl group members, YouTube streamers, flight attendants, and more,

“Everyone around you knew how dirty you were except me.”

She claims he shouldn’t have done this to her acquaintance referring to the possibility he had cheated on her with someone she knew. She also claims she hid her photos with him and didn’t even tell those close to her she was dating him because he had told her he would kill himself if his career in the music industry was to be affected by a girl.

She also claims he went silent and couldn’t reply to her when she named the girls he cheated on her with, and claims she has voice recording of their conversation in case other women want to come forward in the future,

“I recorded that because there are victims who wanted to hear what your excuses were.”

Shortly after the allegations were made and the post went viral, Chanyeol’s name topped twitter worldwide trends with more than 400K mentions regarding the topic.

The issue became so big that a fake photo of Chanyeol and BLACKINK Rosé went viral on Korean news sites, the photo was edited by a shipper and made to look like its been taken by dispatch. Its been proven false multiple times already. Korean news outlets had to put out statements confirming the photo was false. Dispatch also released a statement announcing they’d hold accountable whoever uses their logo like that.

The post has been deleted since and fans have been questioning whether the photos were edited or not, some seem to believe its badly edited.

Following the huge allegations, SM issued a response, they stated,

“We have no official response on the matter.”

Their statement angered fans so much so that they’ve been demanding that EXO leaves SM. While it is truly Chanyeol’s personal life, such types of controversies affect idols images and cheating scandals have previously severely affected idols careers. Fans think that SM should address this properly and refute the rumors if they’re false and sue the netizen who spread the original rumor.

Fans have been trending the hashtag #SM_PROTECT_CHANYEOL on twitter to express their dissatisfaction with SM’s response.

What do you think of SM’s response?

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